New updates from Battle Dawn!

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Battle Dawn has been Updated!
We have updated the game with the following changes:
1. Added daily bonus in boost screen
2. Reduced amount of bonus tokens for voting
3. Added option to hide missions
4. New battle scoring system based on batt

les results. (the more you battle against worthy foes, the higher your score will get)
5. If you purchase 1000 or more red tokens, you get 200 additional blue tokens as bonus.
6. Optimized our servers to run more efficiently, preventing the last downtimes from happening again, and you should experience a much faster Battle Dawn loading time from now on.

Big Thank you to all our supporters for making Battle Dawn possible for all to enjoy!

Battle Dawn

Facebook has more than 845 million active users, and 483 million daily active users.

Many of us use it to stay in contact with friends and relatives and share pictures or just chat with them.
How about being also in the same aliance and fight together for the global domination?

Thats possible. The free multiplayer online game Battle Dawn has launched the game now at Facebook.
Now, you can chat to your friends and never miss any news and status updates from you relatives while
you enjoy playing Battle Dawn. is the direct link to this great app
you may love it as much as I love it!

play free online games

Admin rate is tool that helping to improve gaming.

To play free online games by searching on the internet and choosing an online portal that seems genuine to you.

Although there are games that you need to pay for, Battle Dawn is available free of cost for unlimited number of players.

Play the free online game with friends and family because it is bound to keep you occupied for hours.

Enjoy the game online because there is no download involved in this.

Once you find the right website make sure you watch the introduction video and read through the step by step instructions given in the tutorial.

Recently they updated the game with a new admin rating system.

You can now click on your admin’s colony on every world and rank his performance.

This will help us improve our service.

So please take the time to rate your admin!

You can modify your rating at any time and change it accordingly if he improves or gets lazy ;)


Best Browser Based Games

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Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you!
Have a great holiday and remember to make sure your colonies are well defended and decorated!

BattleDawn community toolbar

December 11th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Best Browser Game - (5 Comments)

BattleDawn community toolbar

These days, Internet is providing the people with large variety of entertainment tools.

One of these tools for online gaming is toolbars.

It is believed that people love to play more online as compared to the virtual games.

There are numerous websites which are offering free online flash games but only one offer toolbar that contain everything inside it.

The Toolbar contain the following options:
* Quick access to BattleDawn on facebook & twitter
* Quick access to BattleDawn forums
* Quick access to BattleDawn on wikipedia
* Quick access to BattleDawn Hall Of Fame
* Quick access to BattleDawn Galaxies game
* Quick access to Battle Mechs game
* Quick access to Defender Of The Galaxy game
* Daily 10 tokens bonus for BattleDawn Player
(Just login to your account everyday and click on the button to collect 10 daily bonus tokens)
* Check worlds – Will allow you to check your status in every world you are playing.
(new events, new messages, ticks info, rank and score).
Click here to get it



New updates from BattleDawn Game

November 27th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Best Browser Game - (14 Comments)

war strategy games

1. Spy Thrusters reintroduced
2. Added Cheap Spy Protection action when using spy.
3. High scores system – will be updated each time a world enters havoc
4. spy protection is set to 0. When a successful operation takes place (instead of leaving as is)
5. Lockdown now always sends an event to the target’s owner
6. Removed UFO catches from statistics list
7. Gating squads now show proper price to gate
8. Ruler name’s length reduced to 20 chars
9. Max rank in statistics now record the highest rank of the player in that era properly
10. When a player refreshes the client after a tick passes. it updates his last online tick as well to show ‘online’ if he’s still connected to the client
11. Battle Dawn Toolbar (for getting daily bonus and checking status of your accounts without logging in)
12. Damage soldiers get +1dmg, Vehicles +2, tanks +3
13. in order to send an attack you must have now level 3 farm, lvl3 metal and lvl3 oil structures built (to fight multi spamming abuse)

14. Collect 50 bonus tokens for verifying your email and join war strategy games newsletters.


BattleDawn Fantasy

November 1st, 2011 | Posted by admin in Best Browser Game - (42 Comments)

online fantasy games

One of the best online fantasy games I played.

Join as colony owner and with the help of friends build huge empire.

The key is to balance between troops and ranged troops.

30% troops and 70% ranged troops will do the work to defend and attack.

Dragons are good for destroying targets and will act as guided missiles.

BattleDawn – Mars

October 23rd, 2011 | Posted by admin in Best Browser Game - (15 Comments)

mars games

Fight, build colony and make friends in mars games.

All you need to start is to create new colony and start built it.

Make friends using the alliance tab and send messages that will keep everyone updated in your moves.

Attack and conquer until to defeat your enemies.

Defender Of The Galaxy

October 20th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Best Browser Game - (2 Comments)

Defender Of The Galaxy


Defender Of The Galaxy is single-player casual mini game. Shoot countless waves of incoming enemies and upgrade your ship to defeat the evil forces who threaten our galaxy.

Save the Galaxy in this epic arcade shooter! 20 levels 3 modes of difficulty 3 challenge modes dozens of enemies, upgrades, and pure action! This game is online.

Arrows to move
Space bar to shoot
Shift – auto fire
P – pause game
Z – fire charging shot (or Y for QWERTZ keyboards)
X – activate mirror shield
C – call allied squadron
V – activate time bomb
A – place mines

Battle Dawn Galaxies

October 17th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Best Browser Game - (2 Comments)

free galaxy games

Battle Dawn Galaxies is a strategy MMO Browser Based Game featuring a huge galaxy with thousands of other real players.

Build and conquer until you become the space emperor.


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